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2013 US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony

us kids golf  world championship

Yesterday we attended the 2013 US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony at Pinehurst Resort and really enjoyed it. All those junior golfers had been waiting at the entrance of Pinehurst Resort, assorted by different countries. They carried various gifts, pins, flags, badges, artcrafts etc. and exchanged gifts with kids from different countries. Alissa and Sophia really enjoyed the gift exchanging :) .

At 6pm the parade started. A big golf statues came first, then all those young championship in 2012 was rided on a car one by one —– how proud they are! Alissa was excited at seeing those Miss North Carolin, Miss Pinehurst, Princess of Pinhurst also joining the parade. Finally all the junior golf players as well as their family started parade. We whole family really enjoy the parade following Canada’s flag, following China’s team. There were over 1000 young golfers from more tan 40 countries participated in the World Championship. It was long parade with good ending: free ice cream for every golf participants.  What a fun day of US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony!



Kids Golf Free in Canada

take kids to course

Hundreds Golf Course will offer Kids Golf Free program from July 8th to July 14th, 2013.

What is Take A Kid To The Course?

Developed by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada to encourage families and juniors to take up the game of golf, this cross-Canada campaign is designed to illustrate how easy it is to improve both your score and your relationship with your children by bringing them out to the golf course.

How can I participate?

HUNDREDS of courses will offer FREE golf to children under the age of 16 who are accompanied by a paying adult during the Take A Kid to the Course program taking place July 8-14, 2013.

In addition to free golf, many courses will offer additional programs such as junior clinics, free range balls, free junior club rentals and parent/child tournaments.

For more detail information, please contact Sarah Allen
National Golf Course Owners Association Canada
Tel: 613-226-3616 ext. 32
Fax: 613-226-4148

Hope you enjoy the Kids Golf  Free program in July!

Kids Golf Academy Program in Mississauga

BraeBen Academy Program

Our daughter joined the Kids Golf Clinics of BraeBen Academy Program at BraeBen Golf course Mississauga last year. She really enjoyed the class as well as accompany with her golf classmates. Continue reading

Junior Golf Prodigy

How amazing it is to see a two-year-old kid can play golf so well! My daughter loves this video and watched it again and again. Then she told me she would try harder to play a better golf! She became very focus tonight when she practised putting with her dad :) .


Junior Golfer

Golf Drills for Junior Golfers

While not every young golfer is an up-and-coming Tiger Woods, there are many benefits to golfing for young people and with the right golf drills, your junior golfer can learn to improve his game. As a youth coach, I have learned that the biggest advantage to teaching a child any sport or activity is to keep it fun. Continue reading

The Top 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Golf


As a parent, I can think of a lot worse things for my kids to be doing than playing golf. After all, spending a few hours out on the links, and meeting the other members of the club, or course is not exactly abhorrent behavior. The problem is, Golf is not always exciting for the young folks out there. With competition like iPods, video games, YouTube, Facebook and more, Golf doesn’t always rank high on their list of MUST DO activities. Well, I am here to help you change that. I am a parent, and one that has experience with golf AND all of the technology items I listed. This experience will help me help YOU get your kids golfing and EXCITED about golf in no time! Follow the list, and pretty soon, you will have a new golf buddy by your side…your son or daughter…what more could you ask for? Continue reading

Junior Golf Lessons


Not everyone can have junior golf lessons and become a child golf prodigy like Tiger Woods. It is most important to keep the game fun when introducing your child to junior golf lessons and playing golf. Have you ever noticed how a junior just taking up the game of golf? If allowed, they will take a very natural golf swing. The young golfers are not thinking about golf instruction or golf mechanics. Let your child enjoy learning the game by their own trial and error until THEY are ready to take the game more seriously. You can keep it fun away from the golf course by keeping a junior golf journal at home. Remember we play the game because it is fun. Continue reading