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2013 US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony

us kids golf  world championship

Yesterday we attended the 2013 US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony at Pinehurst Resort and really enjoyed it. All those junior golfers had been waiting at the entrance of Pinehurst Resort, assorted by different countries. They carried various gifts, pins, flags, badges, artcrafts etc. and exchanged gifts with kids from different countries. Alissa and Sophia really enjoyed the gift exchanging :) .

At 6pm the parade started. A big golf statues came first, then all those young championship in 2012 was rided on a car one by one —– how proud they are! Alissa was excited at seeing those Miss North Carolin, Miss Pinehurst, Princess of Pinhurst also joining the parade. Finally all the junior golf players as well as their family started parade. We whole family really enjoy the parade following Canada’s flag, following China’s team. There were over 1000 young golfers from more tan 40 countries participated in the World Championship. It was long parade with good ending: free ice cream for every golf participants.  What a fun day of US Kids Golf World Championship Open Ceremony!



Highlight of US Kids Golf Tournament


US Kids Golf Local Tour Highlight

Alissa Xu’s Chip-in Eagle Shot

On May 5th, 2013, US Kids Golf Local Tour in Canada was played at Royal Niagara Golf Course. After playing 9-hole, at the group of girl 7 year old and under, Alissa Xu and Vanessa Borovilos has tied of 38 (+2).  so they need to replay the hole 9 as the play-off hole. They also agreed to move the tee back about 10 yards.

Hole 9 par4:110 Yard (Play-off): Alissa had a great drive and it was deadly straight, but stuck in the rough before the green.  She had about 10-12 yards chip from the rough. Vanessa’s ball was on the green so she had good chance to make the birdie. Alissa needs a up-n-down to tie the hole. At this moment, the amazing thing occurred, Alissa’s ball landed in the hole at the 2nd bounce! So, she had her first chip-in EAGLE ever! -2, EAGLE.

At this moment, everyone was very excited to witness the 7 year old making the chip-in eagle at the play-off hole. One tournament organizer and photographer was there since it was a play-off hole. They were all jumping up-n-down. At the end, the tournament organizer said “Alissa, your chip-in eagle is the highlight of the tournament regardless. Great job!”.


US Kids Golf World Championship

US Kids Golf World Championship 2011

What a fun event! It was amazing to see how well those kids played golf at the Championship. We whole family look forward to the trip to US Kids Golf World Championship 2013. Hope Alissa will enjoy playing at the Championship. US Kids Golf Local Tour still recept registration. Come and join us!


Callaway Junior World Golf Championships

Callaway Junior World Golf Championships is one of the biggest golf tournament for kids in the world. in 2012 summer, Our daughter won 2nd at the CJGA (Canadian Junior Golf Association) Golf Qualification Contest. So she was one of two girls in 6 years and under group respresenting Canada to Callaway Junior World Golf Championships  in San Diego.Alissa did not play very well in the championship because she was too nervous, she only got 8th for the final. But she really enjoyed exchanging gifts with all those junior golfer at opening ceremony :) , and she loved watching those amazing shows at Sea World San. Diego. It was also an excellent trip for our family. 

2013 Callaway Junior World Golf Championships is still accepting registeration, please check their uswebsite for more detail information at Hope the Callaway Junior World Golf Championships will become an excellent tournament experience for your kids.

Callawy Junior World Golf Championships 2012

Meaning of Winning in Junior Golf



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Junior Golf

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